Snoopy Pajama Bag

Vintage 1966 Snoopy United Feature Syndicate Plush 20″ Peanuts Stuffed Animal – $70. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Yet another installment of “What is this really?” Yes, this stuffed animal is really a Snoopy Pajama Bag. The main clue is the big zipper in his back. Putting your pajamas in the bag of your Snoopy is kinda like stuffing an animal. However, he’s really made to sit on a bed on his back. His posture is perfect for recreating the “Snoopy on his doghouse” pose.

The Snoopy Pajama Bag featured here was made by Simon Simple in 1969. As a keen collector of all these vintage, felt goodies, I’ve been waiting patiently to find one of these in just the right condition and right price. They pop-up from time to time, but this one didn’t in my searches since the seller left out the very important manufacturer. Common condition issues are holes, discoloration, matted felt and missing felt pieces. This one seems to some holes and matting, along with the usual discoloration.

How much is a Snoopy Pajama Bag worth?

In this condition, I’d add this Snoopy Pajama Bag to my collection for around $15-20. He’s alright, but if he’s not the right price, I’ll be patient and wait for one that’s nicer or cheaper.

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