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Snoopy Leather Keychain

1958 Vintage Peanuts Snoopy “SKI TRIP” Keychain By Aviva Rare Genuine Leather – $70. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

At first, I thought this was a basic Snoopy Leather Keychain. However, it has a key feature that can give it more value to some collectors! It not only has Snoopy walking with skis, this Snoopy Leather Keychain advertises popular skiing destination, Vail, Colorado. The keychain was made by Aviva in the mid-1970’s. Aviva made tons of Snoopy enamel pins for popular ski destinations, but I haven’t noticed keychains before.

How much is a Snoopy Leather Keychain worth?

How much is your basic Snoopy Leather Keychain worth? In excellent condition, I’d expect to pay around $6-10, depending on rarity and desirability. For this Vale version, I’d personally pay around $6-10. A specialized collector would most likely pay lots more than me. Double? Triple? $70? Who knows! If you are that specialized collector, let me know. Specialized collector seek out treasures with a more narrow focus. They have the luxury and hindrance of a much smaller pool of collectibles. A rarity like this one might be a special prize to them, or perhaps they come across them all the time in their specific searches. Perhaps they collect just Aviva jewelry, only leather keychains, or solely Peanuts Vail tourism items. As rare and interesting as this Snoopy Leather Keychain, it seems a wonderful find, but not at this price.

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