Peanuts Squeaky Dog Toys

6 VINYL SQUEEZE TOY FIGUREs VINTAGE PEANUTS GANG 1950 1966 conagra snoopy linus – $135. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Fond memories of my childhood are brought up when seeing these familiar Peanuts squeaky dog toys. I remember finding them at the local Kmart and getting my parents to buy them for me. Their appeal included colorful, fun, unbreakable and, most importantly, cheap. These were around $2.50 each during my budding collecting days in the early 1990’s. My parents could easily indulge me while not breaking the bank.

For years, I’d keep visiting the pet aisle to find more styles of Peanuts squeaky dog toys. However, they weren’t coming. Why mess with a classic design that people keep giving to their pets to destroy and coming back for more? There aren’t great records kept for inexpensive dog toys. From what I can tell from my personal collection, Conagra starting making Snoopy dog toys in the late 1970’s. They had magenta and cyan labels for general toys and Christmas-themed toys in holiday packaging. Starting sometime in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s, they moved to new red tags and released the human Peanuts characters.

Being manufactured for around 15 years or so, there are variations of the Peanuts squeaky dog toys. The toys can be found in both the packaging and paint styles, such as these Snoopy Sneakers. If you’re hoping to find a rare variation and cash in on it, good luck! You’d need to have enough data about how many variations were made to prove that it’s worth extra. Then, you’d have to find someone who cared enough about cheap dog toys to give you extra money for that variation. Sometimes, collecting variations is just a fun quirk that has interest to a particular individual. Obviously, I’ve collected a few variations along the way. However, I’ve decided it’s not worth my time to be meticulous about comparing every single dog toy. Instead, I just stick to overt differences like packaging and paint color changes.

How much are Peanuts Squeaky Dog Toys worth?

Vintage Peanuts squeaky dog toys are still popular on the secondary market. Oddly enough, some people want to give them to their dogs! Unpackaged, a lightly used to mint condition dog toy usually sells for around $4-6. Still packaged, they fetch around $6-12 depending on the character. Though Snoopy toys were made for many more years and are more plentiful, they are still the most popular character on the secondary market. New Peanuts pet toys show up in stores from time to time, which ensures Peanuts Fans who like to use their items have plenty of options for their pets. If your dog prefers the classic vinyl toys, vintage will probably be the only way to indulge them in future. Figural toys these days tend to be plush dolls.

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