Snoopy Halloween Pumpkin Cookie Cutter

Vintage SNOOPY & THE GREAT PUMPKIN Cookie Cutter Perfect For Cookie Painting! – $75. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

There was a time when this Snoopy Halloween Pumpkin Cookie Cutter would have commanded such high prices, according to my collector guide. The days before the Internet were a dark time when finding things relied on walking around or calling up stores with listings in collector magazines. When would you find another one? Where could you go to reliably find these old things? Now we have the Internet and can see how many are available and expect a reasonable price based on that measure. Just kidding! There’s still crazy high prices for no good reason.

Originally made in 1972 by Hallmark, this Snoopy Halloween Pumpkin Cookie Cutter came on a card and was wrapped in cellophane. Still on the card versions are much rarer and valued by collectors. However, you can’t use them to make cookies. Get one out of the package and use it nicely to make some lovely cookies. Hand-wash your cookie cutter and make sure all the bits of cookie dough are out of the little grooves. Then, eat all the tasty cookies. You deserve it! Finally, put the Snoopy cookie cutter in a safe place. Not only do you want more cookies next year, but you want your Snoopy cookie cutter to be pristine in case the price shoots up again.

How much is a Snoopy Halloween Pumpkin Cookie Cutter worth?

Out of the package, expect to pay around $20 or less for a Snoopy Halloween Pumpkin Cookie Cutter. While a little pricey, it’s still hard to find them while walking around and all the collector magazine stores are on the internet. In the package, I would expect to pay around $25-40, depending on the condition of the card and cellophane.

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