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Snoopy Halloween PVC Figurine by Applause

Rare Applause Peanuts Snoopy Dracula PVC Happy Halloween – $75. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Rare? Of course it is! This is the elusive Snoopy Vampire with Marilyn Monroe beauty mark edition of this vintage 1990 Snoopy Halloween PVC figurine by Applause. Just kidding! At $75, I expect a better condition Snoopy collectible. There have been six listings in the last few months for the Snoopy Vampire Figurine by Applause, which does NOT make it rare in my book. Their “rarity” helps sellers justify pricing Peanuts holiday Applause PVCs at crazy high prices. At $75, this over-priced Peanuts collectibles is taking it a little too far. However, what do I know? This same seller sold the same PVC with the exact same photos back in August for $75. Is this the same PVC they sold before? Or do they have multiples that they’re making bank on? We’ll never know!

Applause created a variety of Peanuts holiday PVC collections including Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas and Easter. There’s nothing truly special or amazing about these three inch tall plastic toys. The Peanuts collector guides list these for a high price tag, leading people to pay enormous prices for them, even though the books are out-of-date. I’d love to own more of these adorable figurines for my collection, but I just can’t justify the crazy prices people want for them. Other people may pay $25-50 for them, but not me. With the exception of the St. Patrick’s day figurines, there are plenty of other holiday PVCs from Whitman’s Chocolates, ornaments from Hallmark, and so many other Peanuts goodies to spend my money on.

How much is a Snoopy Halloween PVC Figurine by Applause worth?

To add these to your collection, look for bargains somewhere other than the internet or pay the exorbitant prices. You might be able to find a rare gem hidden amongst an auction lot of multiple Peanuts items. If you do buy high, make sure to get a top quality example with no paint loss, stains, marks or factory flaws. When prices get a little more affordable, like $8-15, I might start getting Snoopy Applause figurines for my collection.

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