Snoopy Hallmark Plaque

Vintage Snoopy Peanuts Hallmark Ceramic Picture Plaque 1965 Freind Just Because – $65. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Hallmark started producing wooden plaques in the 1970’s. A variety of styles and designs were produced through the years. The Peanuts Hallmark plaques were like greeting cards to display in your home. Each had a sentimental or philosophical saying and a colorful Peanuts image. The plaques always have a metal ring on the top.

This particular Snoopy Hallmark plaque is from the 1980’s. I’m not sure why this seller thinks it’s ceramic, since it’s very obvious when holding it that it’s wood. The image is printed on paper that is affixed to the top of the wooden plaque. Far beyond “normal” wear, this plaque looks like it’s had some water damage, plus a lot of wear and tear on the fragile paper image. Plus, the paper has discolored with age, giving the whites a very yellowed appearance. All these condition issue can’t be fixed and really hurt the value.

How much is a Snoopy Hallmark Plaque worth?

If I were to find this plaque in mint condition, I would expect to pay around $8-15. With the high amount of condition issues this on has, I’d only pay a few dollars. While this Snoopy Hallmark plaque is very cute and has a wonderful sentiment, it’s just not in premium collector condition. This plaque has three major problems with the main image. I could forgive the wear and tear, I could forgive a little yellowing, but the water stains really take away from the original condition of this piece.

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