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Peanuts Letter Holder

Snoopy Peanuts Charlie Brown Charles Schulz THE IN CROWD Desktop/Bin/Tin 1950 – $150. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

I just love “The In Crowd” graphic on this Peanuts Letter Box. Finding Frieda, Pigpen, Patty, Violet and young Sally on an item is rare. Plus, you have Snoopy the Flying Ace, Schroeder, Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy! What’s not to love? My soft spot for this graphic has led me to buy nearly every item featuring this image. The easiest item to find, generally, is an oversized Simon Simple pinback. While researching this article, I broke down and bought this vintage bag, even though its condition is terrible. I’m a sucker for “The In Crowd.”

How much is a Peanuts Letter Holder worth?

However, at $150, my exuberance has been reined in! Even in mint condition, I still wouldn’t put that much money into this Peanuts Letter Holder. A&M Leatherlines made a variety of desk blotters, pencil cups, bookends, note pads and letter holders in 1971. Finding items from this manufacturer online can be tricky, since none of the items are marked with more than the basic copyright info. The nature of the leather-look paper used to create these items leads to difficulties finding them in mint condition. In very good to mint condition, I could see paying around $20-$30 for a Peanuts letter holder.

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