Charlie Brown Notepad

Vintage Peanuts 1950 Charlie Brown Message Booklet 60 Sheets – $100. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Remember when you had a dedicated spot for the telephone? There was that pile of notepads and pens near it for taking messages. Usually it was whatever scratch paper or promotional notepads you found. However, that one time, you spent a dollar and got that Charlie Brown notepad. Would you pay $100 for something out of that pile?

When considering the price for something, always consider what it is. If it’s not something I’d spend outrageous funds for regularly, I probably won’t spend crazy money for the collectible version. This isn’t made by anyone I’ve heard of. It’s not an amazing design. The only Peanuts graphic is on the cover, not even on the inner pages. The cover is funny with Charlie Brown saying “Woof” into the phone, but it’s kinda out of context. There’s nothing compelling me to spend $100 for this generic Peanuts telephone message pad.

How much is a Charlie Brown Notepad worth?

In mint condition, I might spend $5 for this notebook. Unless there’s something I’m missing, it’s nothing special. Would you pass up a musical for this notebook? No. Would you pass up a cute plush for this notebook? No. Would you pass up lunch for this notebook? No. Nothing against Charlie Brown, but sometimes Peanuts collectibles aren’t gold mines, just interesting pieces of ephemera.

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