A Tale of Two Snoopy Storage Chests

1971 Vintage Peanuts Snoopy & Woodstock Toy Chest. Only Version On Ebay – $150 + $65 Shipping. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

1965 Vintage Peanuts Snoopy & Woodstock Toy Chest. Only 1965 1st Edt On Ebay!!!! – $199 + Free Shipping. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

When finding my pick for this week, this Snoopy storage chest caught my eye. Was it story worthy? Maybe. The sellers claims that it was the only one on eBay caught my eye, but perhaps there was something better. Eighteen listings later in my general search query, there’s this same storage chest again. A bit more battered, a bit “older”, but the same one. A teachable moment will be had by all!

The best time to buy an antique is when you see it. You may never, ever see it again. Someone may snatch it up the minute you turn your back. The inverse is also true. How many times have I struck gold with a rare item purchased for my collection, only to suddenly see one on the market again. How these things happen, I’ll never know. My theory is a person doesn’t know what they have and waits for another to appear. Then when they realize it’s valuable, it’s time to sell. That’s why I don’t like claims of being the only one on eBay and other such claims. eBay isn’t the only online marketplace and listings are being added all the time. Call it rare, but don’t make stupid claims that can easily be contradicted. It erodes the legitimacy of any other claims made.

Speaking of claims, both of these Snoopy Storage Chests say they’re from different years. Which are we to believe? 1965? 1971? If you’d been following this feature, you know it’s neither. Rather this footlocker is from 1988 and was made by the Trojan Luggage Company. While the Flying Ace is a timeless classic, the “cut-out” lettering that was popular in the late 1980’s is the giveaway that it’s not from 1971 or earlier.

How much is a Snoopy Storage Chest worth?

The first thing to consider is the condition. The “1971” storage chest is overall in better condition. However, someone’s made a few modifications. Right in the top middle on Snoopy’s poor nose is a handle. Plus, round the back are a couple of hinges. The great/annoying thing about this piece is that the top comes off completely and doesn’t get in your way. Luckily, the changes used the same color brasses to update the Snoopy storage chest, so it at least looks correct. The real question is, does it still work alright? Other than the modifications, the chest is in decent shape with some fading, scuffing, crayon and tarnishing that you’d expect to see on a piece of this age and use.

Looking at the “1965” storage chest makes the “1971” chest look like a gem! I’m not sure I’d want the “1965” Snoopy footlocker in my Snoopy room. It looks pretty icky. The design is essentially on paper, so cleaning or restoring it might not be possible. One other consideration with old footlockers is the smell. That old wood can just soak up the odors. Storing things in them is sometimes tricky since you don’t want anything else to smell like it. Finally, the brass fittings are all pretty rusty looking. Getting them cleaned up without damaging the paper surface of the design would be very difficult.

What would I pay for them? “1965” would probably be a pass for me. I’d have to see it in person. Maybe it’s not so bad for $10 or so. But beyond that, it might not be worth the effort in trying to bring it back from the brink of collectible despair. While “1971” isn’t perfect, is still a pretty darling Snoopy storage chest. I could see spending $35-50 for it locally. Shipping prices just price these out of the online market for me. Plus, the sniff test is important. It needs to be good at its storage job for my Snoopy room!

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