Snoopy Electric Toothbrush

Vintage, Peanuts, Snoopy, Toothbrush holder/spinner. Plastic.1960’s-1970’s RARE – $65. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

The original Snoopy Electric Toothbrush was made by Kenner in 1972. Snoopy could be perched on his doghouse while not in use. While in use, he was powered through a cord attached to the base. As the years progressed, technology developed and new manufacturers started making different, yet similar, Snoopy Electric Toothbrushes. Hasbro made the Brusha Brusha Toothbrush starting in the early 1980’s that was cordless, battery powered and the handle looked like the one in this listing. However, the Hasbro version was made in Hong Kong. Since this one was made in China, it is more likely to be from late 1980’s, early 1990’s version made by International Trading Technologies. Using the original Hasbro and Aviva designs, International Trading Technologies recreated many of the earlier Peanuts toys, such as die-cast cars, walkers, etc, but they are not as well-made or as sought after by collectors.

How much is a Snoopy Electric Toothbrush worth?

The original Kenner and the Hasbro version Snoopy Electric Toothbrush I would expect to pay around $25-35 for it mint in the box. For this later model, around $15 mint in the original box. For this piece, I wouldn’t pay anything UNLESS I needed it as a replacement piece or for parts. I’d expect to pay around $2-4 for a replacement piece, less if just for parts. Collectibles are not worth top dollar without the rest of its pieces. Also, out of all the Snoopy Electric Toothbrush pieces, this is the one that would be easiest to find because it’s easy to identify. Toothbrushes of any sort are best collected in unused condition, cause who wants someone’s old toothbrush?

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