Snoopy Die-cast Car by International Trading Technologies

Aviva Peanut Characters Large SNOOPY DIECAST CLASSIC CAR & PVC Figure Set MIB`75 – $99.99. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Aviva? 1975? Where the seller of this item got THAT idea, I don’t know! The markings on this box might mis-lead a seller into thinking it’s from 1975, but no where does it say Aviva. Instead, this Snoopy Die-cast Car says International Trading Technologies and was made in the late 1980s’s, early 1990’s. What’s the difference? The price a collector will pay!

Aviva made Peanuts die-cast cars, along with lots of other Peanuts memorabilia, in the 1970’s into the early 1980’s. Aviva’s designs started to be produced by Hasbro in the early 1980’s, with little change. In the late 1980’s, International Trading technologies took over the designs, with some modifications and some loss in quality. For instance, the Aviva figure for this car is a lot cuter and Snoopy-like. Overall, I prefer the Aviva packaging and the variety of pieces. International Trading Technologies does have a few nifty pieces, but for a majority of the recreations, the original Aviva toys are more sought after for their classic look.

How much is a Snoopy Die-cast Car by International Trading Technologies worth?

For the bargain hunter, International Trading Technologies cars are a good way to save some money upfront. For this particular vehicle, mint in the original box, I would pay around $8-12. For the same style, small figure, Aviva vehicle in the same condition, I’d expect to pay $25-40. Considering the condition of the box for this piece, I would definitely not pay more than $8 for it.

Out of the box, the difference between an Aviva and International Trading Technologies vehicle is easy to distinguish. Aviva cars always say “Aviva” on the bottom. International Trading Technologies generally don’t have a maker’s mark and just say “Made in China”.

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