Snoopy & Woodstock Scratch n’ Sniff Stickers

Vintage 80’s Rare Hallmark Snoopy Root Beer Scent Scratch & Sniff Sticker Pack – $79. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

There’s nothing quite like the 1980’s nostalgia trip of the smell of Scratch n’ Sniff stickers, except maybe puffy stickers… with googly eyes! I have been able to find three flavors of Snoopy and Woodstock Scratch n’ Sniff stickers: pizza, root beer and chocolate. There were two types of the root beer ones that I’ve found. All four sets I own were made by Hallmark and Ambassador and came with just two sheets per pack.

How much are Snoopy Scratch n’ Sniff Stickers worth?

Even though I loved loved loved stickers during that era with a passion, I still wouldn’t indulge my senses for over $7-14. A similar mint set of Snoopy Scratch n’ Sniff Pizza stickers did sell for $20 on eBay, so the 1980’s nostalgia is driving up prices. Don’t expect it to stay high, since I’m sure the demand will lead to new smelly stickers being made for the children of the 1980’s kids.

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