Snoopy Craft Pin

Rear & Collectable Vintage Snoopy Lapel Pin – $6000. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS? It’s like they’re asking to be a Snoopy Sanity Check! I’ve written many articles that will tell you to think twice about buying this item. First, the price! Why spend all that money on a pin when you could get an original Schulz signature or drawing? Second, this pin has all the signs of being an unlicensed craft with more sentimental value than monetary. Finally, rarity does not make an item valuable on its own.

How much is a Snoopy Craft Pin worth?

All in all, this seller is fishing with the wrong bait in the Peanuts collector pond. This is an obvious example, but there are lots more examples of sellers trying to catch a big fish with bad bait. Give all oddities a good sanity check before buying. When the buyer can’t produce any real information on a piece and seems to be making guesses on a piece’s origins, be sure to give that item a pass. The value of this piece is up to the final buyer.

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A note on prices

When reviewing these articles, be sure to note the date. Market prices fluctuate with availability and interest in a subject. Putting a value on items can be nuanced and comes from the perspective of buying to enjoy in a collection. I also tend to be conservative with valuations to account for the ups and downs in market values. 

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