Snoopy Tool Holder by Benjamin & Medwin

VTG Benjamin & Medwin Snoopy Ceramic Tool Holder Charlie Brown Schultz Office – $150. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Benjamin & Medwin released a series of Peanuts cookie jars, salt & pepper shakers, napkin holders, magnets and tool holders in the early 1990’s. Their cookie jars were the most popular and still easy to come by today. This Snoopy tool holder would have originally come in a box with three wooden kitchen tools. For the purists, this is a pass. There’s no reason to buy this incomplete piece. For the users, this is also a pass. The exorbitant price makes this much too pricey to use in a kitchen! Mixing ceramic decor with the potential frenzy of cooking might damage or break this cute piece. I’d hate to break this because of a sudden need for a spatula or a hurried dishwasher unloading.

How much is a Snoopy Tool Holder by Benjamin & Medwin worth?

If you need to complete your set, stay in the $30-50 range for a mint and complete Snoopy tool holder in the box. Don’t need the box or tools? $15-20 seems a safe range for a lightly used to mint condition piece. Your kitchen will look wonderful!

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