Snoopy’s Ski Team by Avon

Peanuts Snoopy AVON Bath Goods Series Snoopy’s Ski Team Bubble Woodstock 1974 – $170. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Avon bath products are well-known as collectibles. For many years, collectors have been preserving these bath pieces for their collections. Finding mint-in-the-box examples isn’t difficult in the secondary market. Peanuts Avon items have always been popular and are plentiful to find with or without the original box. While the Snoopy’s Ski Team figural pieces in this ad are in excellent condition, the box is damaged. Liquids most likely leaked near the box and damaged it. It is a common problem with Avon products, due to the nature of their contents and the effects of time on the plastics the figurines are made of. Also, this piece may have just been forgotten in a cupboard, where other bottles may have dribble their contents on it.

How much is a Snoopy’s Ski Team by Avon worth?

Snoopy’s ski team bubble bath is a fun Avon product to have in your collection. I love how they incorporated Woodstock to sit on Snoopy’s skis. Snoopy’s head is the cap to pour out the bubble bath contents. In the American market, I would value the Snoopy’s ski team by Avon at $8-13, since it is complete and has the box. If the box was undamaged, it would be worth more. Notice this piece is being sold from Japan, where Avon pieces might be in higher demand because of their rarity there. However, at this price, it seems like it would still be cheaper to import the piece from the United States.

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