Peanuts Black Velvet Gallery

The artwork featured on this page is collected from the second-hand online shops full of unloved Peanuts Black Velvet Paintings. They are gathered here for your appreciation and amusement. While I don’t know their history or artists, the artistic license speaks for itself.

When roaming the aisle through antique stores or clicking through pages on eBay, the strange and unusual always make you pause for a moment. From time to time, you’ll contemplate how this item came into being. In Peanuts collecting, the oddity would be the Peanuts Black Velvet picture. Unlicensed and many made for tourists in Mexico, the Black Velvet artists were prolific back in the day. Their favorite Peanuts character is, of course, Snoopy. Between bull fighting, getting tipsy and riding motorcycles, the Black Velvet Snoopy’s strange pursuits are captured in bright, glowing paint.

Licensed Peanuts Black Velvet Paintings

Some of these are crafted from licensed, vintage Peanuts Black Velvet painting kits. For example, the kit versions tend to look more like Peanuts characters and have flatter color.

Furthermore, there are probably some non-mass produced works in here as well. Artists creating their version of Peanuts for their enjoyment.

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