Snoopy Avon Necklace


The seller of this vintage Snoopy necklace has no idea what this necklace is. However, through the power of my amazing Snoopy memory, I can now reveal the TRUTH! Avon produced this necklace for children in the early 1990’s. I got the matching earrings one year for Easter. Take a look at the original Avon catalog, preserved here for your researching enjoyment. Just one look, and you’ll know I was a happening 90’s pre-teen!

If you don’t have my memory as a research tool, how are you to know when this was made? The color scheme of color-blocked bright colors, paired with black and white is a classic early 1990’s look. Just follow the fashion for the tell-tale clues for when things are made.

How much is a Snoopy Avon Necklace worth?

In excellent to mint condition, I could see paying $10-15, with a little more for the original packaging. While this necklace has those great 1990’s colors, there probably isn’t a lot of nostalgia for the necklace. Bring a catalog only item, it isn’t have been the fashion must-have that brings those 90’s girls back 30 years later.

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