Snoopy Toothbrush Holder

Peanuts United Syndicate Snoopy Porcelain Airplane Vintage – $200. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Ah, a mystery! Whatever could this ceramic plane with holes in it be used for? You either already knew, or you read the title. Of course, it’s a Snoopy Toothbrush Holder! A quick keyword search of its actual purpose reveals it’s not quite so rare and valuable as the seller might think. This ceramic Peanuts toothbrush holder was part of a bath accessories series from the late 1990’s which included a shower curtain, soap dishes, towels, tissue holder, waste basket, etc.

How much is a Snoopy Toothbrush Holder worth?

While this is a wonderful piece, the wingspan is not sized for everyone’s bathroom. It’s cute, but does look a little strange with toothbrushes shooting up from the wings of the plane. In very good to excellent condition, I would expect to buy this Snoopy Toothbrush Holder for around $25-40.

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