Charlie Brown & Snoopy Floor Mat

Vintage Rare Peanuts Snoopy Charlie Brown Hugging Rug Floor Mat Happiness Is – $100. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Let’s face it, “vintage” is just a nice way of saying getting kinda old. How old is vintage? Antique means over one hundred years old, so younger than an antique. With Peanuts, I usually think of vintage as being at least twenty years old. This “vintage” rug has a picture from the latest Peanuts movie on it. The Charlie Brown and Snoopy floor mat shows the pair in all their 3-D glory and uses a Peanuts movie typeface. That movie came out in 2015, no where near the definition of vintage.

Most times with Peanuts items, we can point the finger that mislead the seller at a copyright date. However, this item is too new to have a misleading date. In fact, there’s no sign of a date, or a copyright of any form. Perhaps that important information was on a tag or a sticker that’s been lost over the last three years. As any Peanuts collector knows, that’s just not the case! We know that the design would have the copyright prominently labeled, probably near the characters’ feet. Are your alarm bells going off? They should be! This is a knock-off Charlie Brown & Snoopy floor mat! It’s easy for anyone to take images and print them on a wide variety of items, making them look like their the real thing. Granted, the seller may be getting it second hand and not know what she has, but it is still a knock-off.

How much is this “Charlie Brown & Snoopy Floor Mat” worth?

What would I pay for this Charlie Brown & Snoopy floor mat? Nothing. Read more about Peanuts knock-offs…

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