Snoopy Astronaut Doll

Vintage Snoopy in a Grey & Blue Space Suit “Snoopy” on Front & Red Moon Boots – $49.95. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Going to the moon and back, this Snoopy has been on a long journey and seen better days. Since I’m sure this astronaut hasn’t left Earth, I can tell you he isn’t worth the $50. Any astronaut will need supplies. In addition to his spacesuit and moon boots, Snoopy would have had a helmet, life support system, camera, moon rover and an American flag. This Snoopy Astronaut Doll was made in 1978 by Knickerbocker. They also made a Snoopy Chef and Snoopy Sport, both with lots of little accessories. Completeness is key with these dolls, so finding them in the box is probably the only way to find all the pieces.

How much is a Snoopy Astronaut Doll worth?

With the box, I would expect to pay around $40-60, maybe a little more for the Snoopy Astronaut Doll. Just the doll? Expect to pay around $5-15 depending on condition and number of accessories. In this condition, this poor, little Snoopy wouldn’t find a home in my collection for more than a couple dollars.

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