Lucy and Charlie Brown Ceramic Figurines

SET SNOOPY PEANUTS CHARLIE BROWN & LUCY VINTAGE CERAMIC FIGURINE 1950’s~~1960’s – $116.48. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

At first glance, these Lucy and Charlie Brown ceramic figurines may look familiar, yet a little off. Where’s Charlie Brown’s signature zigzag? Why do they have eyelashes and pink mouths? These aren’t the highly sought after collectibles many sellers want you to believe they are. The hand-painted ceramic figurines were created by thousands of fans for their own personal enjoyment. They vary widely in the skill with which they were painted making each figurine unique. To a collector, they lack the important provenance of being a licensed collectible. They closely resemble the licensed Peanuts Hungerford dolls, which only adds to the confusion. Pigpen, Linus, baby Sally and Snoopy were also available as ceramic figurines to paint.

How much are Lucy and Charlie Brown Ceramic Figurines worth?

Should you buy these for your collection? Other collectors may not find them desirable enough to consider buying them. However, if you find ones you like, by all means add them to your Peanuts collection. It’s your collection, after all. Just be aware its a piece to enjoy, not an investment that will potentially be worth more money. Value is in the wallet of the beholder. Is the strange kitschy-ness priceless? Or just another oddity that will endlessly sit on a seller’s shelf?

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