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Peanuts Milk Caps

PEANUTS Snoopy Woodstock 5 MILK CAPS & 1 SLAMMER 1994 AGC Schulz VINTAGE POGS – $65. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Ah, Pogs! The gaming fad of the 1990’s that I personally never got into even though I was the right age. I did buy some Peanuts pogs back in the day, but never played with them. As all over-hyped fads do, the game quickly died almost as quickly as it had risen. This pack of Peanuts Milk Caps is a remnant of that largely forgotten game. The package includes just five game caps and a slammer.

Essentially, the game is kinda like marbles, which I’ve also never played. Players take turns to collect the game pieces. Whoever has the most, wins. The slammer was used to flip over the stack of game pieces. The game pieces are cardboard, while slammers are usually metal or plastic. This package held a plastic slammer.

How much are Peanuts Milk Caps worth?

Part of collecting these was knowing if you had all the designs. If you can’t see the design, then have you collected them all? If you’re a hard-core Pog collector, this might be just the thing for you. There’s probably lots more on your pog-collecting bucket list that you’d prioritize though. For the rest of us, $5-10 seems a more reasonable price. When and if Pogs ever make a resurgence in the market place, they probably won’t soar to their original heights. Personally, it’s not something I seek out for my collection, but I do keep around if I happen to get some.

Milk Caps do make great magnets! I have some vintage dairy examples in my retro kitchen that I made. I pick them up for around fifty cents a piece at flea markets and put a self-stick magnet on the back. Instant decor!

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