Peanuts Sandylion Stickers

Vintage ” Peanuts” Gang Stickers – complete collection, set of 12 – unique size – $98. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

I love stickers! Getting stickers from vending machines was always a game of chance. You’d probably have to get quite a few doubles, or a few trades, before finally having a full set. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few collectors out there with this set in their collection. I love the size of these at over four inches tall. It’s their large price tag of over $8 per sticker that makes me pass on these Peanuts Sandylion Stickers. Sandylion makes some really nice stickers, but frankly, these are a bit mundane. The stock images used are seen over and over again since the 1990’s. Items are not highly collectible just because they are numbered as a part of a series.

How much are Peanuts Sandylion Stickers worth?

I would expect to pay around $2 each on the secondary market. If I was missing one or two from a set, I might pay a little more to complete the set.

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