Snoopy Pen Holder

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The essential element of a Snoopy Pen Holder is, of course, the pen. For everyday use, a person can replace the pen. However, collectors will want the original pen with the piece, even if it has run out of ink. It’s easy enough to get replacement ink, but tricky to find a replacement period pen. The pen should match the plastic pen holder element. In this case, it would be a white plastic pen that comes to a point at the non-writing end.

How much is a Snoopy Pen Holder worth?

Butterfly Originals made a variety of Snoopy pen holders in the late 1970’s. The larger figurines with a screwed in plastic holder came with a matching pen. The smaller figurines with just a hole in the figurine, as far as I can tell, did not come with a pen. The larger figurines are generally more detailed and can be worth more in the secondary market. Besides the missing pen, Snoopy pen holders can have chips, glaze crazing, missing paint and imperfections from the factory. I would expect to pay around $15-25 for a larger Snoopy Pen Holder in very good to mint condition. Having the pen can add $5-10 to the price depending on how integral to the piece it is and how picky they collector is. The Snoopy Pen Holder would have also come with a box, adding an additional $5-10 to the price depending on the condition of the box.

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