1986 Snoopy Teardrop Hallmark Ornament

1986 Vintage Snoopy Peanuts Charlie Brown Christmas Glass Ball Ornament Hallmark – $116. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

When I first saw this 1986 Snoopy Teardrop Hallmark Ornament, I thought something was just a little off. Sure, that’s a nice Hallmark ornament box. It’s not too crushed. It still has the price tag on it. However, it says “The Wonders of Love”. Naming a Peanuts ice skating ornament that is a little odd, especially when there isn’t any overtone of love. No couples skating, just Woodstocks and Snoopy saying Merry Christmas.

And so I did a search. It was easily revealed that the Hallmark Wonders of Love ornament is from 1979 and not at all Peanuts. It’s one of those ornaments you put in your antique booth and hope someone will take a shine to it at $5 someday ten years in the future. In many ways, the box is more valuable than the ornament, as it can be used to protect a much more valuable ornament without a box.

We all make mistakes. We can’t know all the little details about every item that’s ever been produced by human kind. But what we can do is read the top of our Hallmark ornament boxes! Yes, the top of this box says 1979. The side of this Snoopy Christmas ornament says 1986. One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong! It’s fine if you want to bundle this box for protection, but don’t sell it as the original.

How much is a 1986 Snoopy Teardrop Hallmark Ornament worth?

You want this gorgeous ornament for your Christmas tree? Pay under $25. If you’re not bothered to have a box, pay under $15. If you want to be a fussy Hallmark collector, look for one with the original box without crushed sides and with the original price tab on it. Finding Hallmark Snoopy glass ornaments for a reasonable price will be easy.

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