Peanuts Magic Slate by Saalfield

PEANUTS SUPER SLATE FUN MAGIC SLATE 1961, SNOOPY LUCY NM – $350. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Magic slates bring me back to my childhood. Just write on them with the special pen and your drawing would appear. Pull up the clear sheet on top and your drawing would disappear, ready for your next ephemeral artwork. After awhile, the weird black wax would be over used and you’d end up throwing away your useless magic slate. This vintage Peanuts Magic Slate looks to be in pristine condition considering its age. It was made by Saalfield who are best known for their wide variety of Peanuts coloring books in the 1960’s by Peanuts collectors. This magic slate is cool, but not $350 of cool. It comes down to how well some things will display. The graphics are wonderful, but the slate needs to be protected when displaying to preserve the value.

How much is a Peanuts Magic Slate by Saalfield worth?

Since there’s not a lot of previous sales information or guide book pricing, I have to go with market experience. Personally, I’d pay about what I would for an unused Saalfield coloring book, $10-$20. The price might go up for a rarer character or a personal favorite, but that’s the price I’d be comfortable at buying and being able to potentially make my investment back.

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