Peanuts Bottle Caps

VINTAGE BOTTLE CAPS SNOOPY AND THE PEANUTS GANG (LUCY) MIP #14570 – $100. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

I remember when I was really young and we had these metal and rubber caps to put on glass bottles to keep the fizz in your soda pop. However, by the early 1990’s, when these were released by Wecolite, drinks were all in plastic bottles. The bottle cap would go back on, no special tools needed. Peanuts Bottle Caps would have been a bit of fun, an extravagance. Unless you had a terrible time loosing bottle caps, these weren’t all the useful. Wecolite had a variety of Peanuts products that were useful and fun: corn holders, magnets, wall hooks, even an ice cream scoop.

How much are Peanuts Bottle Caps worth?

Peanuts bottle caps are usually found in their original packaging. Occasionally, you’ll find one out of the package. Do they not hold up to lots of use and break a lot? If you know, let me know at They produced Lucy, Charlie Brown, Snoopy the Flying Ace and Woodstock, as far as I can find. I would expect to pay under $10 for a set still in their original package. Loose, I’d pay a couple bucks if its still in excellent condition.

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