McDonald’s Camp Snoopy Sixth Glass

RARE! HOLY GRAIL! 6th McDonald’s Peanuts Camp Snoopy Glass – $1,095. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Rare? YES! Holy Grail? Perhaps, but certainly not at this price! The highest selling price I know of for this McDonald’s Camp Snoopy Sixth Glass is $350. I bought mine for five dollars. However, I think there are better ways to spend one thousand dollars from a Peanuts memorabilia budget.

The McDonald’s Camp Snoopy Sixth Glass is an oddity. It was sent to McDonald’s managers to get them to buy the promotional Camp Snoopy Glasses. It must have worked because the regular five glasses are EVERYWHERE. Finding this sixth glass, however, is difficult. There’s not a lot of information and they don’t turn up often. Learn more about the history of McDonald’s Camp Snoopy Glasses.

How much is a McDonald’s Camp Snoopy Sixth Glass worth?

The glass is also an oddity because the artwork is pretty weird. Someone must have redrawn the Peanuts characters, and frankly, it’s just not that good. Depending on your aesthetic leanings, you may like the strangeness of this glass, or you might consider it a weird aberration that never got the sign-off from Charles Schulz. The McDonald’s Camp Snoopy Sixth Glass just doesn’t have the character to justify spending loads of cash on it. However, the piece does have collector cache to it. The rarity balances out the bad artwork. I would expect a McDonald’s Camp Snoopy Sixth Glass to sell between $150-300 at auction.

Is it a “Holy Grail”? For collectors who specialize in promotional glasses or McDonald’s memorabilia this would be prize to have. A person who collects strictly Peanuts McDonald’s promotional items might pay higher prices just to get this glass. Anyone who sees this as a Holy Grail would be on a constant search for this piece, but it hasn’t sold after being available for a month. My curiosity will keep me watching this one for a while.

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