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Bendable Snoopy Toy Figure

SNOOPY BENDABLE Toy Figurine 1969 Bendy Vinyl Vintage Rare – $99. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after years of taking photos of Peanuts items, it’s that backgrounds can cast colors onto Snoopy’s white features. Since I want my Snoopy dolls to appear as white as possible for my online shop, I always have a product shot with the item on a white background. The Snoopy collectible should be as close to its natural color as possible. However, the seller of this bendable Snoopy toy figure is doing their incredibly yellowed Snoopy no favors.

Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus version of the bendable Snoopy toy figure were also released. The Peanuts toys are flexible and can be posed to a certain degree, much like the famous Gumby. First produced in 1969 by Determined Productions, the toys are named Peanuts Playables.

How much is a Bendable Snoopy Toy Figure worth?

Peanuts Playables are not uncommon on the secondary market, since the material they’re made of seems fairly indestructible. However, the paint on them is prone to wear and tear, making it difficult to find perfect examples outside of their packages. I would expect to pay around $8-15 for a bendable Snoopy toy figure out of the package in very good to mint condition. In the package, I would expect to pay $20-35.

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