Peanuts Bounty Paper Towels

3 Rolls Vintage Peanuts Bounty Paper Towels- 2 Comic Strip & 1 Christmas – $60. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Ah, Peanuts Bounty Paper Towels. Bounty released Peanuts Paper Towel rolls with fall and Christmas designs in the late 1990’s, and returned with a year-round comic strip print in early 2000’s. Fun to use, yet rather boring to collect. They sit there in the package, taking up lots of space. However, they’re really boring to look at. It’s just printed paper pulp. You’re either looking at the Bounty logo in all it’s shelf-popping glory, or a small picture of Snoopy through a sheet of crinkly plastic. They’re much more fun to use, I suppose. I’d have to invest in quite a few rolls of Peanuts Bounty Paper Towels to actually use them. Once you hear how much they’re worth, maybe you wouldn’t use them either.

How much are Peanuts Bounty Paper Towels worth?

On today’s market, a roll of packaged, unused Peanuts Bounty Paper Towels can sell for $70 a roll. That’s seventy-three cents per sheet. Why? Perhaps some government certified them as currency, as it would be both delightful and easy to dispense bills. Who knows! The fun factor of using Peanuts paper towels may be worth the price of $70 to some. Four online listings sold for around $70, including shipping, at the time of this writing. With that in mind, a set of three slightly used triples the fun for the same price!

The more important question is, who would pay that much? Even if market price is $70 an unused roll, that doesn’t mean everyone wants to pay ten times more than original retail for Peanuts Bounty Paper Towels. I certainly wouldn’t pay that. The appeal of them is not worth $70, or even $20 for a used roll. I will sell some at that price. I’m no fool. If Bounty returns their festive Peanuts paper towels to the market, I will be stocking my shelves with both Peanuts and plain old paper towels. No spill is worth seventy-three cents to clean up! I will be prepared with the boring, inexpensive paper towels!

Perhaps this is the best cleaning hack of all time?! If the paper towels are so expensive, everyone is too guilty to create a mess and use a paper towel. Then the house will stay perpetually clean without any work. Please let me know if this is the secret! I will gladly pay $70 for this miracle.

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