Avon Snoopy Soap Dish

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The Avon Snoopy Soap Dish is quite possibly the easiest vintage Avon item to find. A quick search for “Avon Snoopy Soap Dish” brings up at least twenty of them on eBay. Why is this one listed for an astronomical price? It’s located in Japan! There’s no reason to pay a premium for an Avon Snoopy Soap Dish item unless you hate to import items into Japan and need to get it locally. Perhaps they have a high import tax that can turn a $5 item into a $600 nugget of gold. If so, I am selling in the wrong country if I want to get rich!

An interesting point came up when looking at this listing. The soap dish says “1950” as a copyright date. This is very strange in the world of Peanuts memorabilia since basic Snoopy items usually say “1958, 1965” for the character copyright. The Avon Snoopy Soap Dish was first released in 1968. The soap dish came in a yellow box packaged with a basic bar of white Avon soap. Without the original box, these are usually in pretty sad shape, missing paint and showing yellowing from age.

How much is a Avon Snoopy Soap Dish worth?

A lot of Peanuts collectibles are hard to “name”. This Avon Snoopy Soap Dish has the fortunate condition of being stamped with exactly what it is. Anyone who wants to find it can do an easy search. Easy to find and fairly easy to get in collectible condition makes collecting these inexpensive. I would expect to pay around $2-5 for one without the box. The box adds some value, as does the original soap bar. With just the box in excellent to mint condition, I would pay around $15-25. The bar of soap adds another $5-10 depending on how well it has staved off aging. Avon products generally are best collected in the box as there seems to be plenty making their way to the secondary market.

And what’s with sellers bringing in Disney?! Peanuts is not Disney!

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