Ambassador Snoopy Christmas Stocking

Vintage HALLMARK Ambassador SNOOPY CHRISTMAS STOCKING 1958 Peanuts KNITTED New – $150. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

If someone gives me a $150 Ambassador Snoopy Christmas Stocking, what’s going to be inside? Perhaps really good candy, because the person has unlimited funds for Christmas gifts. On the other end, it might be filled with the cheapest of all candy or maybe the leftover Halloween candy no one wants. Most likely, it’ll be empty since the person can’t afford to put anything else in this over-priced stocking. At just $4.49 originally, this is quite the markup!

While I don’t have details on when this stocking exactly was made, it looks early to mid-1980’s to me. Luckily, the tag is still attached to this Ambassador Snoopy Christmas Stocking. It has that matter-of-fact basic tag style. The design is like a piece of loose leaf paper with sans-serif typeface on an angle to look exciting without actually being exciting. This style seems prevalent in 1980’s design based on my years of exposure to design. Another factor is the bar code. This means the stocking was definitely produced after 1974, not 1958 as represented. As we all know, 1958 is Snoopy’s copyright, not the item itself. Finally, another key clue is the logo. It’s an older Ambassador logo. After lots of research, I found that the newer Ambassador heart logo was registered in 1986, putting this stocking before that year.

How much is an Ambassador Snoopy Christmas Stocking worth?

Vintage Peanuts stockings make their way onto the market quite a bit. There are a variety of these lovely, vintage, knitted examples available in the marketplace. This particular design of Ambassador Snoopy Christmas Stocking isn’t impossible to find in collector condition. The tag on this is notable, but doesn’t give it a ton of extra value. The tag says to me, “This probably wasn’t used with the tag in mint condition. You can buy with more confidence that it’s not a piece of crap that looks good in photos.” If I needed this for my collection, I’d pay around $20-35, depending on condition.

Finally, let’s do a little more research on prices! Adjusting prices for inflation can give more insight into how old an item actually is. If this was sold in 1958, $4.49 would have been worth $40 in today’s currency. However, if it’s actually from around 1982, it would be worth $12 in today’s currency. I don’t know about you, but there’s not a lot of people who would go to the store and spend $40 on a grocery store stocking in any era. In what year does $4.49 for a holiday decoration start to seem ridiculous?

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