Snoopy Thermos Flask

Vintage Collectible 1958 Snoopy Peanuts Thermos With Rare Beige Lid – $50. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Let me start by saying I’m not a lunch box expert. However, the seller isn’t necessarily an expert either! Perhaps this is a rare example of this Snoopy Thermos Flask. My feeling is that it’s a “marriage”. Thermos flask lids are pretty interchangeable. If a consumer breaks the lid, they fix it by pulling from another flask. Putting these two pieces together is called a “marriage” in the collecting world. A marriage wouldn’t make this a valuable, rare piece. If the beige lid + Snoopy flask combination was like this from the factory, then it may have some value to a collector.

There are a few clues that make me think this is a marriage. The color combination is horrible. Yellow and beige? No. Kids don’t want beige. The matching beige top and insulator lid may be coincidence, or may have both been transferred over from another Thermos flask. Also, since Snoopy is holding a red cup, it would make sense for the lid, that doubles as a cup, to also be red. Finally, the size of the beige top looks like it would be taller than usual, which might not fit nicely in the usual sized lunchbox. If anyone has further info on which lunch box originally came with this thermos, if any at all, please let me know at!

How much is this Snoopy Thermos Flask worth?

Overall, the condition of this piece is not collectible. The paint is worn and the flask shows many signs of being well used. I wouldn’t buy it for my collection. I couldn’t see paying more than a few dollars for it if I did want it. Perhaps this is a rare combination, but it would be so easy to marry the same combination in better condition for the same money.

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