Snoopy Doghouse Wastebasket

Cheinco Peanuts Charlie Brown Snoopy Woodstock Trash Can Waste Basket 1965 VTG – $245. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Most Peanuts wastebaskets made by Determined Productions are shorter ovals, a more traditional style from the 1970’s. However, this particular one is a taller round wastebasket. In addition, this Snoopy Doghouse Wastebasket came with a lid to hid the mess and odors. What’s the clue that this wastebasket has a lid? The background clearly depicts Snoopy’s doghouse, but is missing the traditional triangular doghouse roof.

How much is a Snoopy Doghouse Wastebasket worth?

Everyone values having a roof over their head! But what if you need a new roof? It’s going to be a LOT easier to find the Snoopy doghouse wastebasket base than the roof. If someone is cleaning out a house, they might not know what that red roof piece goes to. There’s not much to identify it as part of the wastebasket, especially since most wastebaskets of this type don’t have lids. Without a roof, I would expect to buy this for $15-25 in very good to mint condition. With the roof, I would expect it to sell for around $35-55, depending on condition. With wastebaskets, condition inside is a key element. Grubby insides can be a huge turn off! This would be a great buy, for the right price, if you have a roof and a not great bottom.

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