Peanuts Ice Bucket

Baseball Peanuts Snoopy Charlie Brown & Gang Ice Bucket 1973 Very Nice With LID – $325. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Every week, I search for Peanuts Ice Bucket. Every week, the exact Peanuts Ice Bucket I’m looking for comes up. Great condition, with the lid, what more could I ask for? A reasonable price. This has been going on for at least five years. This exact listing. Again and again. It’s not even the only one there out nagging me to buy it, yet halting me with its high price tag. We stare each other down, week after week, until one of us breaks. Hint: it won’t be me. My patience is infinite.

The real problem is there was a musical version of this Peanuts Ice Bucket. Does this one have the tell-tale wind-up on the bottom? Definitely not. That’s the real one to have! Anyone can have an ice bucket. But one that also plays you music while you freshen drinks? That might make me break out the Benjamins.

How much is a Peanuts Ice Bucket worth?

A Peanuts musical ice bucket just sold for nearly $200. It had some flaws, but was complete and the music still played. For its less musical twin, I’d be happier to pay more in the $90-130 range depending on condition and complete. Incomplete, I’d stay in the $30-50 range if it’s in very good to mint condition. You might find a close replacement lid, but an exact match would be tricky! All in all, don’t pay the piper if he isn’t making any music.

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