Snoopy SDCC Comic Con Memorabilia

Snoopy Astronaut 2018 SDCC by Medicom – $100. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

The San Diego Comic Con has become a mecca for exclusive memorabilia releases and Peanuts is part of the frenzy. Every year, news stories spring up to reveal the long awaited goodies available only at SDCC. Fans flock to the show to pick up rare variants and resellers aren’t far behind. This pair of Medicom Snoopy astronauts was part of the 2018 offering. The market has declared their value is up to $100. The high prices for Snoopy SDCC Comic Con Memorabilia may leave you wondering if it’s worth buying for your Peanuts collection.

Personally, I’m over it. There’s been some interesting things to come out of SDCC through the years, taunting me with Snoopy cuteness. I’ve held back on buying Snoopy SDCC Comic Con Memorabilia because I feel it’s a slippery slope. I just don’t want to go there, start down that path and have the completionist bug bite me in the wallet. I won’t say no to a good deal, but I’m not about to seek it out and pay exorbitant prices. There’s plenty of reasonably priced items I can buy for my collection.

How much is Snoopy SDCC Comic Con Memorabilia worth?

Is it for you? If you’re at the SDCC, go ahead and buy a souvenir or two. If you just love Snoopy as an astronaut and gotta pay the resellers’ high fees, then get what you love! If you’re buying Snoopy SDCC Comic Con Memorabilia for a long term investment… that’s where things get tricky. Items that present themselves as collectors’ items from their inception are most likely to be kept in pristine condition by collectors, just waiting for their value to go up. Many of today’s collector items of years past like Peanuts pocket dolls and Hungerford dolls are difficult to get in mint condition because they were enjoyed, used, discarded, forgotten and rediscovered. These sought after items keep pushing the market up and up since Collectors want better pieces for their collection or are discovered by new collectors. Buy today’s collectibles for your own love of Peanuts, but keep them nice just in case you’re sitting on a gold mine in future.

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A note on prices

When reviewing these articles, be sure to note the date. Market prices fluctuate with availability and interest in a subject. Putting a value on items can be nuanced and comes from the perspective of buying to enjoy in a collection. I also tend to be conservative with valuations to account for the ups and downs in market values. 

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