Snoopy Policeman Squeaky Toy

Vintage Collectible 1966 Snoopy Peanuts Cop Policeman Squeak Toy Figurine Nice! – $60. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

It’s only natural that Snoopy would be turned into a dog toy. Snoopy Squeaky toys have been made for a long time by a few different companies starting in the 1970’s. Some designs were marketed as toys for both dogs and babies. I’ve even found a few different painting styles for the Policeman Snoopy toy. As varied as squeaky toys are, there’s not a lot of background on the variations. Why? Not many people care. They’re cheap dog toys after all. Dog toys may get torn up after 5 minutes of play, if they last that long! Some still survived, probably because they weren’t given to dogs and babies.

How much is a Snoopy Policeman Squeaky Toy worth?

This particular example is in ok condition, but is not very white after 20+ years. I would expect to pay $3-7 for this toy in loose, very good to mint condition, more if it’s still in the original package.

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