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Snoopy Plush Radio from Radio Shack

VTG Radio Shack White Charlie Brown Snoopy Peanuts Ribbon Promotion Plush Radio – $70. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

What an interesting find! This 1985 Snoopy Plush Radio from Radio Shack is a little different from what I usually see. The tag on this bag says “Radio Shack free battery club. One free battery each month for one year.” Imagine a time when getting one free battery per month would make you go to a particular store. Perhaps if you bought a lot of items from Radio Shack, you needed that free battery! Is it any kind of battery? Is there a new battery each month? I’m sure the answers will never come since Radio Shack is pretty much gone.

With this Snoopy Plush Radio, you get a little bit of history. It’s nothing earth shattering, but I feel like it could be an interesting talking point. Perhaps if you want to keep a little piece of Radio Shack alive in your Snoopy collection, this is the piece to do that. Finding another one of these in this packaging might be difficult. Who wouldn’t redeem this for their free battery? Is that even how this program worked? Again with the questions! On top of this easy to loose card, the bag is likely to tear and be tossed out. Luckily, it all seems intact, including the elusive instructions.

How much is a Sitting Snoopy Radio worth?

Normally, vintage Peanuts radios really don’t sell for a ton of money. They’re pretty defunct these days and gathering dust with the Sony Walkman and Microsoft Zune. From the times I’ve managed to use one of these old radios, the sound quality hasn’t been great. Putting speakers in a plush toy just seems counterproductive. Still, it’s a cute radio and a novel idea. I would expect a mint condition, boxed version to sell for around $35-50, unboxed under $20. At $70, I personally think it’s a little high, but maybe not too high for that one particular collector who might possibly happen across this someday. Might be a long wait. While the Radio Shack tag is interesting, it’s not Peanuts related. Peanuts history I’d pay more for. Finally, I bet I can’t even get any free batteries!

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