Snoopy Cork Bulletin Board

Vintage 1958 Snoopy Tennis Ace Serigraph signed Shultz Caulk Board Early Peanuts – $79. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

The design highlight of this Snoopy bulletin board is the tennis ball forming the dot on the exclamation point! A variety of Peanuts bulletin and message boards were made through the years. I would date this one to the mid 1970’s, not 1958. The copyright refers to the character, not the item production. Schulz’s signature is printed on this item, along with many, many other Peanuts items. It doesn’t make this item any more special or rare. This piece is generally in very good condition. The colors are strong on Snoopy and it shows very little signs of use. The edges are a bit damaged, which is this piece’s major flaw. Since they are large and difficult to store, this tends to be a common flaw with bulletin boards.

How much is a Snoopy Cork Bulletin Board worth?

I would expect to pay around $12-16 for this Snoopy Cork Bulletin Board in today’s market. In mint, unused, I might pay up to $20-25. There are many more interesting examples of Peanuts bulletin boards from this era. As a collector, I tend to like the cut-out shape style over the basic rectangular type.

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