Snoopy Bank by Westland Giftware

Baby’s First Christmas Vintage Rare Peanuts Joe Cool Snoopy And Woodstock Large – $156. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Let me just drag out this soap box here. Screeeeak. Clomp-Clomp. Ok, now, we need to have a chat eBay sellers. I understand you’re trying to make a living by selling over-priced Peanuts memorabilia. However, please don’t tell me your items are “Baby’s First Christmas” or other non-relevant keywords when creating titles. If everyone starts suggesting occasions and uses for all their items, no one will be able to find what they want. Don’t use vintage to describe items from the last fifteen years or so. And most important of all… don’t tell me something is “Rare” when there are four others on eBay. If nobody is buying the two Snoopy Banks by Westland Giftware that are listed for $34.99, what makes you think you can get $156 for each of the three you’re selling? eBay buyers, always be sure to search around for the best deals! Don’t buy in to people telling you what’s rare and do your own research!

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