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Polish “Race for your Life, Charlie Brown” Movie Poster

RARE Vintage A Boy Named Charlie Brown Peanuts Polish Movie Poster Original – $350. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

“Race for your Life, Charlie Brown” came out in 1977. In 1978, Poland must have gotten the rights to promote it. Polish artists created their own posters for movies which was used for promoting the films. They were meant to be art, rather than an advertisement. This poster was created by Hannah Bodnar.

The Charlie Brown movie poster doesn’t actually reference the real name of the film. Instead it translates to “Charlie Brown and his Companions”. The seller seems to think this is a poster for “A Boy named Charlie Brown”. However, the subject matter of the Peanuts characters in the water with a raft suggest “Race for your life, Charlie Brown”. The original poster for the movie featured the Peanuts gang in the rafting race going over a waterfall. While the human Peanuts characters looked distressed, Snoopy at least looked laid back leading us to believe there was nothing to worry about. The Polish poster however suggests that some of the characters are in distress in the water. Nothing like drowning children to bring you to the movie theater!

While this poster isn’t licensed, it is a part of history. Not only the long history of Polish poster art, but also Poland’s strange takes on the Peanuts comics. This poster is a testament to Peanuts far reach, even behind the Iron Curtain.

How much is a Charlie Brown Movie Poster worth?

This Charlie Brown Movie Poster isn’t for everybody. While it’s interesting and historical, it doesn’t personally appeal to me. There’s lots of old Polish posters I’d rather have as dynamic art pieces. There’s lots of old Peanuts posters I’d rather have on my wall. Putting this one up would not be a priority for me, and I’ll bet there are lots who would agree with me. However, there are some who might relish having this poster for their collection. Based on other Hannah Bodnar poster asking prices, I would feel better paying around $70-$100 to be inline with what I see on the market. However, I’m no vintage Polish poster expert. $350 might be a bargain for all I know. They don’t come on the market very often, so I can’t find any sold prices. If you have more information on this avenue of collecting, please let me know at info@collectpeanuts.com.

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