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Hot Dog Snoopy Tote Bag by Butterfly Originals

Vtg Snoopy Peanuts Canvas Bag Purse Hotdog Mustard Shultz Charlie Brown 1958 – $42.50. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

My first reaction was “I want that tote bag!” My second reaction was “UGH! That price.” Third, “Don’t I own that?” Fourth, “No! I have a hamburger tote bag, not a hot dog.” Fifth reaction, “Stop shopping and get back to writing!” I have a particular love for Butterfly Originals products, especially their tote bags. There’s a wide variety of style and artwork and many of them are very whimsical and fun. Plus, Butterfly Originals breaks free from the usual copy-paste clip art. While individual styles of Snoopy Tote Bag by Butterfly Originals may be rare, there seems to be no end to the variety available on the secondary market.

Bags are easy for manufacturers to produce. There’s always Peanuts bags available. New bags tend to be more practical than these vintage 1980’s Butterfly Originals tote bags. Snoopy Tote Bag by Butterfly Originals were meant for kids, and their size shows it.

How much is a Hot Dog Snoopy Tote Bag by Butterfly Originals worth?

When buying old tote bags, condition is key. I don’t mind some signs of use in my Snoopy Tote Bag, if the price is right! With so many bags on the market, the Peanuts design really has to hit that sweet spot for me to consider buying it. For a bag that twangs my heart strings, I’d pay around $20-30 in mint condition. For a used bag, it depends on the condition issues vs. the love. While I might fall in love, it may be difficult to get someone else to find the same joy despite the flaws when it comes time to sell, so I try and keep purchases under $5-15.

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