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Linus & Sally Peanuts Figurescene

Porcelain ceramic Snoopy Peanuts Schulz rare Charlie Brown Sally figure figurine – $150. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Love may be walking hand-in-hand for Sally and Linus, but love for this Figurescene is passing me by. For the price, this Peanuts figurine is just a little too rough. Sally’s nose has been chipped, plus the sticker on the base is really worn on the edges. Since this piece is composition, not ceramic, it’s very prone to the chips and dents that can be found on the figurine. The color is great and the paint seems to be in good shape still. Determined Productions made a variety of composition figurines in this style called “Figurescenes” in the 1970’s.

How much is a Linus & Sally Peanuts Figurescene worth?

I would expect to pay around $12-18 for this Linus and Sally figurine, in this condition, from the United States. This particular piece is being sold from the Netherlands, where it may be harder to find. However, if a European collector wanted this piece, it would be cheaper to buy one at a more reasonable price in the U.S. and have it shipped overseas.

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