Charlie Brown Gumball Dispenser

Vintage Rare Charlie Brown US Mail Box Toy – $36 Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

At first glance, most people wouldn’t know what this Charlie Brown toy is. He’s four inches tall, one inch thick and has a round hole under the mailbox lid. The subject matter gives no indication of what this was used for. The only way to figure it out, a simple Google search. On the back is the usual copyright and manufacturer info, which includes Superior Toy. Searching Charlie Brown “Superior Toy” brings up this exact Charlie Brown Gumball Dispenser in its original packaging immediately. So easy! Clicking on the photos in an image search even reveals the year it was made: 1987.

How much is a Charlie Brown Gumball Dispenser worth?

Originally, the Charlie Brown Gumball Dispenser came on a blister pack card with gumballs. This tells a lot of the story, and I think any collector would value the original packaging very highly. That being said, I would pay around $15 tops for this collectible. They’re just not that hard to find with today’s tools. Out of the package, I’d stay below $3-5 in very good to mint condition.

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