Snoopy Nite Lite by Monogram

New but Very Old Stock Original SNOOPY Wall Socket Nite Lite Night Light- $75. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Usually, night-lights are supposed to scare away monsters at night. For $75, I think I can put up with imaginary monsters! Snoopy dressed up in his old-fashioned pajamas and holding a candle is cute. However, it’s not the most collectible of his personas. Monogram made a variety of different designs in 1980. Most of them were round with either a printed image or a raised image like the one shown.

How much is a Snoopy Nite Lite by Monogram worth?

Collecting these can be tricky. Should you only collect working examples, or whatever you can find? Does working condition make it worth more to a collector? From my perspective, I don’t tend to use these older lights since I don’t know how safe they are anymore. I’d look to spend $4-8 on a very good to mint condition with card example.

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