Snoopy Flying Ace Bi-Plane Glider

Vintage ~” Snoopy” Red Baron ~ Airplane ~ Hallmark 1965 – $49.99. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

I love this little Snoopy flying ace bi-plane glider from Hallmark. Made of styrofoam, it probably holds up better than the balsa wood gliders. I don’t know quite what year this is from and wasn’t able to find it in the guide books at this time. 1965 is the copyright on the piece, but any collector knows that’s the copyright of the Snoopy personality, not the item itself. Collectors will also smack their foreheads and tell you it’s the Flying Ace, not the Red Baron. Snoopy fought for the Allies, not the Germans.

Time to do some research! What I have to go off is is the packaging, which I luckily have in my own collection. The price point on the package is set in the Peanuts font. Since design is usually consistent across multiple pieces from a certain time frame, I think this points to the late 1970’s based on research of other Hallmark pieces. If anyone has a firmer date, let me know!

How much is a Snoopy Flying Ace Bi-Plane Glider worth?

I would expect to pay around $15-25 for a Snoopy Flying Ace Bi-Plane Glider still in the package. Out of the package and with some condition issues like this one, I would expect to pay $6-15. Though it is fragile, they’re not impossible to come by if you’re patient.

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