Snoopy Flying Ace Avon Shaving Mug

Vtg Avon United Features 1969 Milk Glass Mini Mug Cup Snoopy – $50. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Avon made this shaving mug in three Peanuts designs in 1969. Lucy, Charlie Brown and Snoopy each had their own mug, topped with a metal lid and filled liquid soap. A lot of these milk-glass mugs are still on the market since they are difficult to break. They are easy to find in very good to excellent condition without the metal lid. The lids are generally missing since the metal and liquid over the years can react, deteriorating the metal to rust.

How much is a Snoopy Flying Ace Avon Shaving Mug worth?

Without the lid in excellent or better condition, expect to pay around $2-5. With the lid in excellent or better condition, expect to pay around $4-8 for a Peanuts Avon shaving mug. Get one complete in the original box in mint condition for $10-18. If you find an unlidded mug in less than excellent condition, pass on buying it. The Snoopy Flying Ace Avon Shaving Mug featured I wouldn’t buy at all! It is listed as “Excellent” condition, but it obviously isn’t.

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