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Snoopy Cheeto

Flaming Cheeto Rare Snoopy Shape – $590. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

$600 for a single Cheeto… and you can’t even eat it! Well, you can eat it, but how old is this “Snoopy Cheeto”? Has it been properly stored for freshness? Someone’s fingers have probably been on it, so I don’t think it would be a good idea to eat anyway.

I didn’t know Cheeto collecting was a thing until I saw this. Sure, you hear tales of someone paying stupid money for food that vaguely resembles Jesus. However, there seem to be some people trying to cash in on that brain phenomenon leads us to construct faces out of the world around us. This Snoopy Cheeto is more of a basic outline of Snoopy’s head and matches his curves well. There are many, many examples of Cheetos for sale that barely look anything like what people are trying to suggest.

How much is a Snoopy Cheeto worth?

For $590, you could have about 140 party-sized bags of Cheetos (affiliate link). Imagine what an amazing party that would be!

Collecting food products is always tricky. The main problem is bugs. Having bugs in your collection is a surprise you do not want to experience. Trust me! A Snoopy Cheeto is definitely one I would recommend against collecting. It could easily be eaten by mistake or crushed into cheese dust. However, if you randomly find one in your bag of Cheetos and wish to add it to your collection, more power to you. Send a photo.

Perhaps the real opportunity here is some form of artistic, gourmet Cheetos. Some corn meal perfectly shaped and fried in whatever shape your heart desires. Now taking orders.

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