Peanuts Shoe Box from Sears

RARE Old Vintage Sears Peanuts Cartoon Snoopy Charlie Brown Advertising Shoe Box – $100. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Who would buy a Peanuts shoe box with no shoes? Well, I did. Not this one, but another one just like it. I think I ended up paying around $12 for it at auction, no other bidders. That was somewhat crazy money for me. It’s an empty box! I was really excited to get it, because when are you going to find another one?

Dating this item is difficult. Based on the subject matter, fonts and colors, I would guess sometime in the 1970’s. If anyone has info, please let me know! Also, if you would like to do the catalog scouring to find a more precise date, feel free to start on our Peanuts Ads and Catalogs Pinterest board.

How much is a Peanuts Shoe Box from Sears worth?

Valuing this is tricky, because they don’t come up a lot. However, I don’t think I’d spend $100 on just an old Sears shoe box, even with Snoopy and Charlie Brown on it. It’s nice that this one comes with the original tissue paper and tag. Perhaps if I was a shoe collector and had the shoes, but no box, this would be worth it. As an interesting piece of Peanuts packaging, I think around $30 is a safer place to buy something like this.

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