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Peanuts Baseball Figurescene


If you’re familiar with Peanuts Figurescenes, you’ll know this quartet is missing some pieces. The full Peanuts Baseball Figurescene has Linus, Schroeder, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Lucy topping a plinth that says, “How Can We Lose When We’re So Sincere?” The scene was made by Determined Production in 1971. The individual figurines aren’t meant to be removable. I just wonder, where did Lucy go? Why are these figurines always turning up loose?

Is your figurescene is missing a character or two? This might be just what you need to put it back together! It won’t be perfect, but the gang will be back together. If I was considering that sort of repair, I would like to see more of these figurines. Investing $40 into a repair might be worth it, but not if there’s major cracks or chips as is common with composition pieces like this. On the flip side, always check any full Peanuts Baseball Figurescene for signs of an amateur glue job on the figures.

Unfamiliar with Peanuts Figurescenes? Luckily, this seller realizes that he is just selling some extra pieces. They’re not rare. They’re not unmarked. They’re merely pieces to a whole. Not all sellers will know this, and even if they do, they might not mention it. Part of collecting is just recognizing when something is a little off. The bottom of these figures always looks a little messy since they don’t show in the final product. There is often glue and other broken looking bits that give away their secret.

How much is a Peanuts Baseball Figurescene worth?

A complete Peanuts Baseball Figurescene in mint condition can sell for over $100. A fixed figurine, no matter how nice the new figures are, will not bring that much. Getting everything to look just right like it came out of the factory would be difficult. The juice would not be worth the squeeze. However, if you’re not too picky and just want to enjoy your figurine, a small investment in a couple new figures might be the way to go. $10 a piece isn’t too bad and you might be able to find new homes for the figurines you don’t need. If you need all four figurines, then you should probably just look to buy the a complete figurescene.

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